California Unemployment Rate
% (%)
Percentage of resident population that is unemployed per year
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Annual Average California Unemployment Rate
By: California Unemployment Rate

Measure of the percentage of the total labor force in a given area that is unemployed but actively seeking employment and is willing to work.

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California Unemployment Rate
South Lake Tahoe, Dollar Point CDP, Kings Beach CDP, Sunnyside Tahoe City CDP, Tahoe Vista CDP
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California Statewide

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California Unemployment Rate is reported in the Sustainability Dashboard. Indicators in the Sustainability Dashboard focus on economic, environmental, and community health in the Lake Tahoe Region.

Unemployment is the estimated number of people who are not employed, but actively seeking work each week. Economists often use the unemployment rate, which is unemployment divided by the labor force, as a regional economic measure. Rising unemployment may indicate recessionary levels of economic activity in the community. Alternatively, falling unemployment indicates economic expansion. Communities that host many seasonal jobs have high annual unemployment even if levels are low during peak months. In such areas, creating more year-round jobs can reduce annual unemployment rates. The California Unemployment Rate Indicator provides a proxy for overall unemployment in the Tahoe Basin, as it only includes data for roughly 70% of the eligible work force of the California portion of the Lake Tahoe Region and does not include workers residing in the Nevada portion of the region.

This indicator measures the annual average unemployment rate for California communities in the Lake Tahoe Region. Annual unemployment rates are not available for communities in the Nevada portion of the region or residents in the California portion of the region who live outside of defined Census Designated Place (CDP). However, the portion of the total population of the Lake Tahoe Region whom resides within defined CDPs in the California portion of Tahoe is roughly 70% so this indicator is a good proxy for employment numbers for the entire region.