Vehicle Miles Traveled
Mile (miles)
Reduce vehicle miles of travel in the Basin by 10% of the 1981 base year values
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Vehicle Miles Traveled

The sum of distances traveled by all motor vehicles in a specified system of highways, streets and roads for a given period of time. Reduce vehicle miles of travel in the Basin by 10% of the 1981 base year values.

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Vehicle Miles Traveled is reported in the Sustainability Dashboard. Indicators in the Sustainability Dashboard focus on economic, environmental, and community health in the Lake Tahoe Region.

Transportation emissions are the second largest source of GHG emissions in the Lake Tahoe Region according to the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. On-road mobile sources make up approximately 80% of total transportation emissions in the Lake Tahoe Region, making reductions in Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) a primary focus of GHG emission reduction initiatives region-wide. In addition, strategies to reduce VMT have community benefits, such as walkable commercial areas that generate local economic benefits and pedestrian and bicycle trails that generate human health benefits.

This indicator measures the estimated average annual daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) on Tahoe highways managed by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), as well as city streets and roads managed by local counties and the City of South Lake Tahoe.

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Vehicle Miles Traveled is reported as a Measure in the Transportation Tracker. Transportation Measures are used to support data-driven decision making and performance-based transportation planning.

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